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Deluxe Wash - $23.99

Full Service Hand Wash, Rainbow Triple Wax, Under body Wash, Wheel Brite, Sealer Wax, Air Freshener
(You save $18.00)

Super Wash - $27.99

Full Service Hand Wash, Under body Flush, Foam Polish Wax, Tire Dressing, Sealer Wax
(You save $11.50)

Premium Wash - $29.99

Full Service Hand Wash, Foam Polish Wax, Under body Flush, Air Freshener, Dura Shield Protectant, Tire Dressing, Sealer Wax
(You save $17.50)

Executive Wash - $34.99

Full Service Hand Wash, Rainbow Triple Wax, Tire Dressing, Under body Flush, Wheel Brite, Dura Shield Protectant, Air Freshener, Sealer Wax
(You save $18.50)


Additional Car Wash Services:


Air Freshener

Foam Polish Wax

Turtle Ice Shine

Rainbow Wax

Tire Dressing

Sealer Wax

Under Body Flush

Wheel Brite

Exterior Dressing
$12.50 and up

Slip Stream 30 Wax Package



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