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 Detail Services


Take a look at your headlights, are they cloudy, yellow and foggy. No need to spend hundreds of dollars to replace them. We use a 6 steps comprehensive process that will restore the headlight lenses to like new condition while protecting them for years to come. This service allows the light to shine through clearly and provides better illumination during nighttime driving.

(Oversize Vehicles Extra)


The interior of your vehicle will be meticulously cleaned. Floor mats and carpeting will be shampooed and deodorized as well as cloth of fabric sets. Leather seats will be carefully cleaned and conditioned with Meguiars leather cleaner and conditioner leaving a non oily, natural soft and supple finish while leaving a pleasant fragrance. Door panels, center console and dashboard will be cleaned and conditioned.

(Oversize Vehicles Extra)


The exterior of your vehicle will receive all the benefits of our clay service listed above with the additional benefit of further polishing and cleaning with special machine we call D.A. These professional techniques are used to minimize and remove scratches and moderate oxidation restoring the lost gloss to all painted surfaces. We apply a paint sealer to protect your vehicles finish. (For severe paint defects and scratches a buffing process will be used for an extra charge)

(Oversize Vehicles Extra)


We combine the interior and exterior detail for a summation of one amazingly comprehensive service. This incredible service is a must have! (For severe paint defects and scratches a buffing process will be recommended for an extra charge).

(Oversize Vehicle Extra)

 Car Wash Services


Deluxe Wash - $23.99

Full Service Hand Wash, Rainbow Triple Wax, Under body Wash, Wheel Brite, Sealer Wax, Air Freshener

You save $18.00!

(Oversize Vehicles Extra)

Super Wash - $27.99

Full Service Hand Wash, Under body Flush, Foam Polish Wax, Tire Dressing, Sealer Wax

You save $11.50!

(Oversize Vehicles Extra)

Premium Wash - $29.99

Full Service Hand Wash, Foam Polish Wax, Under body Flush, Air Freshener, Dura Shield Protectant, Tire Dressing, Sealer Wax

You save $17.50

(Oversize Vehicles Only)

Executive Wash - $34.99

Full Service Hand Wash, Rainbow Triple Wax, Tire Dressing, Under body Flush, Wheel Brite, Dura Shield Protectant, Air Freshener, Sealer Wax

You save $18.50

(Oversize Vehicles Extra)

 Full Services Hand Wash - $21.99 (Oversize Vehicles Extra)

Hand Wax Express - $69.99

Using quality Meguiar's Premium Wax and Sealant, we carefully and professionally hand apply the wax to all exterior painted surfaces.

(Oversize Vehicles Extra)

Carpet Express - $69.99

We thoroughly shampoo and deodorize the interior carpeting and floor mats, re-storing the carpets new look and feel.

(Oversized Vehicles Extra)

Leather Treatment - $129.99

All leather and vinyl on doors, seats, dashboards, and center console is carefully and completely cleaned with Meguiar's leather cleaner. Finally after cleaning the leather a special conditioner is applied and hand rubbed into the leather creating a supple and soft finish.

(Oversize Vehicles Extra)

Clay & Wax

The clay safely removes all contaminants and beatifically prepares the paint surface for the application of the paint sealant. Now the paint sealant is applied to the clean paint, adhering better and producing a mirror like vibrant shine.

(Oversize Vehicles Only)

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